Social media trends to watch in 2021

During 2020 things changed drastically in the digital environment. Due to pandemic, people started spending more time connected, which set a precedent on ways of communicating, shopping habits and content creation. 

With all of this going on, and considering that the Internet and Social Media are always moving and changing, our team wrote this article so all digital marketers can know more about what’s going on on social media today and what will be happening this 2021. This way they’ll be able to include them on their content strategies. 


Social Media Trends to watch in 2021


  • Multi channel Strategies
It is important to understand that all techniques or actions from the real world need to find their way into digital platforms. By doing this, it becomes way easier to face what is going around the world. Also, having a multi channel strategie is the best way of reaching more people with a brand.  And considering the new ways of living caused by this new context, and also the uncertainty that the quarantine and pandemic brought, it’s very important for brands to develop multi channel strategies.  This means to mix both, digital and real-life channels, to give the user the best possible experience.  According to the study “Social Trends 2021” by Hootsuite, “Transactions alone don’t create memorable brands or long term growth”.  This means that general investment strategies must be interrelated and connected in all the channels used by the brand in order to keep a positive return on investment.  And with and with a positive ROI we don’t only mean increasing sales, but also increasing engagement with the user.
  • User- generated content (UCG): Thanks to digital platforms like Tik Tok, user generated content will remain a trend during 2021. This means that users will connect, interact and create content related to a brand. As a result, there will be more content, more interactions and new followers in different platforms like Tik Tok, Facebook and Instagram. This will make brands start being closer to their audiences. Thus, creating campaigns that promote user participation is key to be a part of this trend.
  • The power of streaming Platforms like Twitch, Youtube or Instagram allow face to face and real time interaction (even when there is a screen in between). Due to pandemic and strict quarantine in some places of the world, the percentage of people that watched a live audio or video broadcast during 2020 was 98% according to “The Streaming Guide”, a Kantar Ibope Media study. One of the advantages of streaming and live video platforms is that the audience can be classified according to their interests. This means that the experience of consuming interesting and real life content is very attractive for the users. And if it is video content, it’s even better. Even though live streaming is definitely a trend for this year, the big challenge for those who take part in it is to maintain their audiences since there are many other content platforms on the Internet.
  • Conversing with the audience and creating social content
    There are new rules in today’s world and that is something brands should understand if they want to connect with people.

    Currently, people are demanding that brands take part in social debate as they play an important role in today’s world.

    This is why Hootsuite’s study says that “Smart brands sat back and listened, then won with creative, original ways of fitting into the social conversation to break through the wall of indifference”.

    In order to this, creating long-form content able to inform and generate debate is a good strategy to keep the target audience engaged.

    So bringing debate, conversations, social listening and human conexion to social media is a must for brands this year.

  • Instagram Stories beyond Instagram: Now, other platforms like Twitter, Facebook and even Linkedin have introduced the function of ephemeral content.

    Ephemeral content is the one that lasts only 24 hours published and then it disappears. It was introduced for the first time by Snapchat and Instagram, and now almost all platforms have this function.

    The main reason why audiences are so into ephemeral content is that it’s fast and it is always renewing.

    This trend will continue during 2021 since audiences enjoy spontaneous and natural content.

    Therefore, considering a stories strategy on social media will be a key point this year.

  • Podcasts and audible content
    Podcasts have been moving big audiences these past few years, growing and positioning as a really effective way of creating content.

    Even when podcast digital communities aren’t as loud as others, these platforms have been able to move and create big social networks online.

    This type of content has also replaced other formats, like written blogs or magazines. Even books have been replaced for audiobooks so people can listen instead of reading.

    Also, many people enjoy listening to these types of shows and thanks to Amazon and Spotify’s big investments in this industry, it’s definitely continuing as a trend.

  • Influencer marketing : Investing on influencers advertising has been a trend for a long time already. Now, it’s very important to renew the role of influencers in this matter. Right now, the audience is asking for a more profound content, able to show with more detail the products that influencers promote. This means that it’s not enough to only show the image of a product, now people want to see more about it, like how it works or how to use it. This is a big task for influencers, that now have to invest more on their content so people can get to know products better. So a good strategy in this field is to renew this type of content and potentiate the role of influencers on social media ads. .
  • Membership platforms: Many content creators and artists looking for a chance of earning money through the Internet have realized that now it’s totally possible. This is why during 2021 payment membership platforms will grow, where gamers, cosplayers, influencers, singers, make up artists, illustrators and all kinds of artists will be able to offer personalized content in exchange for money. Platforms like Patreon and Ko-fi have made possible the development of this new trend that is not only taking social media, but also helping people build a whole business out of the Internet.

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